Zendaya and Tom Holland's Marriage Joke Is going viral!!!

A Zendaya–Tom Holland joke about their marriage has made an international whirlwind.

The couple first met in 2016 while Spider-Man: Homecoming was running. The issue of their romance was not confirmed until July 2021, after they were pulled over by a paparazzi while they were kissing in the movie's actor's car in Los Angeles.

In November 2016, Zendaya was on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter and called the film star her "mate," which is the British word meaning "friend" or "buddy" as per Merriam-Webster.

In 2017, Zendaya surprised several individuals in Variety's Power of Young Hollywood issue by closing any speculation among individuals involved.

After realizing that a person was spreading romance rumors, Holland told an interviewer with GQ in November 2021 that he didn't want to discuss it.

When Zendaya and Tom Holland get married, he is going to take Zendaya's last name and become Zendaya and Tom.

At the same time, one user tweeted, "I have never seen Zendaya's last name ever being used." The remark received a large number of likes in a short time.