Zayn Malik Writes To UK PM: What Did He Say?

Zayn Malik wrote to Theresa May, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, to extend the November budget for free school meals that includes children from families on Universal Credit. He called on the UK PM to "give all children living in poverty" a free school meal amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Zayn, Food Foundation's ambassador, wrote an open letter to the Minister for Food in response to a sense of obligation he felt toward society. He felt the need to address the leader of the nation due to Zayn's strenuous school life.

In his letter, the musician writes about these children. Lacking in focus, some have even resorted to stealing food from the school cafeteria. They are also feeling timid, which negatively influences their mental and physical health.

I understand what shame feels like, I have found this first hand, as I grew up in Bradford, I depended on free school meals. I saw firsthand the shame associated with food security.

I hope that by writing this letter we can be confident that no child will ever encounter this hunger or stigma again as my experience is not unique; it is a challenge that many kids are presently dealing with in the United Kingdom today. As part of the campaign, Malik is encouraging individuals to write to their MPs on this issue.

Zayn level-headedly entreats Sunak to compensate all impoverished young people on his very own, urging the politician to act diligently. Young people who are not properly fed should not be ignored as a political concern. This is caught up in a contentious political or ideological subject.

Feed the Future is a mission led by a consortium of organizations including the Food Foundation, Bite Back 2030, and Jamie Oliver. As indicated by Jamie Oliver, about 800,000 children living in poverty are not yet qualified for free school meals. Diet expert Malik wrote that many parents are doing everything possible and said that government support is imperative.