WWE Adding More Female Wrestlers to their Lineup After Emma's Return

The Women's Entertainment World Wrestling (WWE) Emma is the most popular female wrestler in the company.

She was promoted to the main event scene after being a part of the NXT brand. Emma has headlined shows across the United States, Canada, and Europe and has won a number of championships.

Her ability to wrestle on several different levels makes her one of the best wrestlers in WWE.

Ronda Rousey was almost on her way of having what she wanted after issuing an open challenge to all the women in the Los Angeles Lakers locker room.

The SmackDown Women's Champion competed with NXT's Emma.

Emma, who may be known as Tenille Dashwood, made a shocking return to the WWE, having almost walked away with the "Wimbledon" crown.

As the Trump supporter was more animated when it came to talking garbage, Emma was very close to scoring an upset many times.

Emma's astounding performance allowed Ronda Rousey to stoop down to a dirty standard in order to win the match.

Emma's unexpected hopefulness is enough to lend a fascinating storyline wherein Ronda Rousey takes increased risk than she ever imagined.