With South Africa on the horizon, how will India fare?

They have defeated India by five wickets with two balls to spare.

That's a statement that's a big win, as well.

Last week, India beat Pakistan but South Africa have proven previously that they can handle pressure after recovering from a score of +24 for 3, picking up 40 runs from the last 10 overs, each with a half century and finishing out the game with a convincing win over the opponent.

Nevertheless, we must remember that South Africa has led the way in soccer for many years. Their wingers were particularly electrifying, using their short passes very well.

The South Africans required 25 runs to get 18 balls from this position, which they did by confecting 13 runs on batsman Ashish Ashwin with the ball. Matthew Prior, who was the opponent of Tristan Stubbs, made too little an insufficient last tally.

India's strike ended up being likewise good for the most part.

They employed entire lengths and also discovered swing, but the two players needed to gamble on exactly how to use their spinner.