Why James Cameron Canceled an Avatar Sequel?

James Cameron, the creator of Avatar and Titanic, has canceled an Avatar sequel.

The decision comes following mixed reviews for the original film. muted reactions to the sequel have led to questions over whether Cameron actually wanted to make another version of the movie.

Cameron authored and quit writing a sequel script titled ' Avatar: The Higher Ground.'

I had been part of a team of writers. We had a large number of concepts. We were looking for a place to hit this and it will never quite cut it.

He kept repeating, "Then at a certain point," like there were going to film it. He couldn't have been more excited. Maybe it's one of the greatest books I've ever read.

The director said that one of the characteristics of sequels is that it does not always respond well to the unexpected.

It did not push us to the imaginary world to the degree where we could barely measure its spiritual element in words. It did not satisfy other boxes it checked, but it did tick that particular one.