Why is Halloween Eve Celebrated?

Almost 2000 years ago, Celtic people from Europe started celebrating the end of the harvest and start of the new year called “Samhain”.

There is also a belief about celebrating this Halloween Eve is to remember the Martyr and all saints who died by believing in Jesus.

The trick-or-treating time has started again! All lawns, gardens, households and roads are decorated with carved Halloween shells. The Halloween costumes and candies are one of the major symbols of this festival.

There is a belief in people that the dead would come back to visit, so for that symbol people  wore evil masks and left food at their doorsteps. People thought that in this way they could distract the spirits.

For some time, children wearing evil Halloween costumes started going around to neighboring houses asking for food in exchange for poems, jokes, and songs. A Christian Church that modified the festival. They started celebrating November 1 as All Saint’s Day by remembering deceased saints and then October 31 became All Hallows Eve or Halloween.

Many influences are there for celebrating this festival today for example, in the 19th century the Irish and Scottish immigrants brought these customs and celebrations to the US.

Later, half of the twentieth century, trick-or-treating and dressing up started. Today, everyone started celebrating this tradition without the concept of religion . People come together to mark the age-old practice of wading of spirits.