Who Is  'Zombie Angelina Jolie'?

Fatemeh Khishvand is popularly known as Sahar Tabar with her Instagram username.

She is an Iranian influencer who had several plastic surgeries.

She got fame because of her posted photos where she looked like “'zombie Angelina Jolie”. So netizens titled her with that name.

Her posted photos show how her face changed after every surgery. It was a wonder to  believe how a woman had undergone about 50 cosmetic surgeries in her life span.

Finally, it was revealed that all her famed zombie photos are posted to entertain the audience. Those are all not real, it was just the result of photoshop editing and makeup.

The 21 year old Tabar showed her real face in an Iranian interview who looked like the emaciated and creepy version of Jolie.

Tabar was arrested in October 2019 because of corruption and blasphemy. She was punished for ten years of prison. But she was released from jail after 14 months. Tabar was jailed for obscenity and insulting the hijab.