"Who is the Katana Man?"

Katana Man [character] appears in the highly popular manga Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man has received high praise from critics who commended its story, raw violence, and dark humor.

A stronger than a human hybrid, the Katana Devil, as well as the Katana Man (real name unknown) and known as Samurai Sword in fiction, is the primary antagonist of the Katana Man arc in television.

The tall man known as The Katana Man gets called The Katana Man because of his excellent set of sideburns. He wears a leather coat of large dimensions. He transforms into a demon whenever the conditions of the moon align, during which he quadruples in length. He becomes a huge, leathery monster with an inhuman face.

The Katana man is harsh and self-absorbed. He is willing to hurt, even lose, these people simply to reach Denji.

Even though the Katana Man claims to have a heart, his Katana Devil has replaced his bodily heart, forcing the man to sleep after killing scum.

Why Does He Has A Grudge Against Denji? A Yakusa ruler's grandson who was murdered by Denji was known as the "Katana Man." Katana Man detests Denji and is especially desperate to kill him.

He is also one of the few assassins who teamed up along with Akane to go after the Gun Devil obtain Denji's heart back from him. In response to Denji's claim that he killed his grandfather because he was a zombie, he has called Denji a liar and expressed his complete incredulity.