Who are the Top5 Fighters in the House of Dragon?

House of Dragon is a fantasy drama created by Martin and Ryan Condal in the year of 2011.

These seasons got many Primetime Emmy Awards for the outstanding drama series.

Ser Harrold Westerling: he is a Lord Commander of the king's guard under King Viserys, an honorable man and one of the best knights.



Ser Harwin Strong: Harwin Heir to Harrenhal which is the largest castle in Westeros and Harwin was the strongest fighter in seven kingdoms.


Ser Criston cole: he is a Member of King’s Guard who later became to the rank of Lord Commander, Cole was supreme of the knights in Westeros.


Aemond Targaryen: he is the member of targaryen who is also called as Aemond One-Eye and he is the second son of king viserys.


Daemon Targaryen: he was defeated by Ser Criston Cole, The Rogue Prince remains the best warrior in the seven kingdoms due to his vast battle experience and victories.