Who are the Top 5 Villains of Black Panther?

Black Panther is a superhero based film directed by Ryan Coogler and released on January 29,2018 in Theaters.

The sequel of this movie is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is going to be released  on November 11,2022.

White Wolf: He is a skilled martial artist and a brutal warrior, White Wolf also has a very powerful soles of boots to create varied fields of the vibranium with an invisibility cloak.


Killmonger: Erik Killmonger is an expert in martial arts  and a skilled hunter too.


Tetu: A skillful magician, who can manage the elements of nature and teleport through time and space.


Namor:  A Sub mariner and powerful swimmer, having superhuman strength and his strength reduced slowly as he is out of contact with water.


Doctor Doom: One of the super villains in Marvel, who possesses vast knowledge, technology and power. He is treated as a dangerous villain throughout the marvel universe.