Who Are strongest in five Kage and What Does Their Power

The Fifth Hokage of Konoha, Tsunade, is the number one Kage in The Shinobi War Arc as far as physical power is concerned.

She is a force of an opponent that requires significant firepower to conquer because of her formidable Physical Strength and healing factor.

Ohnoki is the crucial and most adaptable member of the WA Five Kage.

The Jinton he uses as one of the stronger, offensive Jutsu in the anime series is without question potent enough to overcome any weakness any opponent may have.

Ohnoki, the Tsuchikage is the strongest Kage in the Shinobi War Arc. However, if we only talk about physical skills, Tsunade wins by a significant margin.

In addition, he has a provenly overpowering fighting IQ, even Madara is impressed with this.

Uminoki, the Tsuchikage is easily the strongest Kage in the Shinobi War Arc. But if we just consider physical ability, Tsunade wins by nearly an extent.