"What To Expect from House of the Dragon Season 2!"

House of Dragon is a new season of the television series. The first episode was released on January 10th, 2019 and aired on Fox. The show is about a group of people who have to save the kingdom from a dragon.

The new season follows the House of Dragon as they Prepare for the Dragon Festival and battle against new villains.

In season two of 'House of Dragon,' we can see the Green (Aegon) and Black (Rhaenyra) teams fighting.

Rhaenyra wanted to avoid conflict and will certainly take revenge on the death of her son. Another thing that we can expect is a time jump. However, showrunner Ryan Condal stated that there won't be a jump in the coming seasons.

Second season will have more dragon fights and chase scenes because both sides own several dragons.

Season two will likewise focus on Winterfell and King Robert, who were briefly mentioned in season one.

The series will primarily examine the conflict that led to the fall of dragons and the Targaryen royal house.