What is Serial Killer Charles Cullen Doing Now?

Charles Edmund Cullen is an American serial killer born on February 22, 1960.

He is a nurse by profession and murdered nearly 40 patients during his career. According to some anonymous reports, he may have been responsible for 400 deaths in his career.

Based on this real story of Charles Cullen, 'The Good Nurse’ film is released on Netflix which is directed by Tobias Lindholm. This is a thriller drama with a duration of 2 hrs.

This movie mainly focuses on exposing flaws in the U.S. healthcare system. how a co- nurse took down Charles Cullen, arguably the deadliest serial killer in American history.

Charles Cullen is the dangerous serial killer, who murdered many patients in the span of 16 years. His parents died when he was a child.

He was arrested on December 12, 2003 in a restaurant. In 2006, it was declared that he was not eligible for parole until 2403. He is currently serving his time at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton.

He confessed to the detectives that he purposefully gave medicine to the patients without a doctor's prescription. He injected lethal doses of heart and insulin medications into random IV fluid bags and turned off ventilators.