What are the Reasons for Patti LuPone Resigning From Broadway?

Patti Ann LuPone is an American actress and a well known singer born on April 21, 1949 in New York.

She received two Grammy Awards, three Tony Awards and two Laurence Olivier Awards.

Patti LuPone recently stated that she will be quitting away from Broadway.

LuPone tweeted in social media that she surrendered her ‘Equity Association Membership’.

Patti also tweeted that “She Quitted the Broadway, seeing her name being bandied about and Gave up her Equity card; no longer she would be the  part of that circus. Figure it out”

she also said that “When the run of Company ended this past July, I knew I wouldn’t be on stage for a very long time, and at that point, I made the decision to resign from Equity”

LuPone announced her exit on social media accounts and many comments were flooded by racist and agitators. People criticized her for her belief and understanding.