Wendell & Wild: Pros and Cons

Wendell & Wild is a sentimental feature film. It is intended to be funny, but instead, it's extremely disturbing and deeply problematic.

Let us initially start with the concept that Kat is a Hell Maiden. The Hell power works as a very bad precedent. Absolutely yes, she and Sister Helley both use the same powers for good, but that good is wholly expected of Hell Maidens.

That demonic presence, while less than paranormal, leaves the viewer feeling unclean. Like Hollywood is attempting to normalize the occult (as per my review of Hocus Pocus 2).

It's difficult when films are animated and evidently targeted for children and teens because they can form a bright line between good and evil. Because the Elliots of the residents of Rust Bank are good and kind, the Klaxons and Father Bests are corrupt and wicked; the characters portrayed in these films are all mixed.

Kat was just a young girl who needed these kids. She's tough now because she was simply supposed to survive. And she has had some serious misfits that should land her in big trouble at just 13 years old.

She summons demons and embraces her role as a Hell Maiden because she appears to have a better future. She wants her kind parents back.

But these problems are not what primarily goes into the films.

Kat finds a way to correct her errors and restructure them. She ceases living with a frown on her face and starts acting differently. I don 't see how Wendell & Wild is going to repair its multitude of errors.