" unveils the ten most powerful sternitters in bleach!"

Bazz-B: Bazz-B, also known as "The Heat, " is a strongly capable flame-wielding individual.


As Nodt: The expression Fear is the title of S N dt's work. It symbolizes not only the character of his abilities but also the trauma that dogged him for such a long time before he joined the team at Yhwach.


Bambietta Basterbine: Bambietta Basterbine, nicknamed "The Explode, " is a member of Wandenreich's Sternrister.


Pernida Parnkgjas: Pernida has received the moniker "The Compulsory, " but in truth, it is the left hand of the Soul King. It was one of only 2 of its kind, having unique abilities before coming to the foundation of the Quincy.


Askin Nakk Le Vaar: In Bleach, Askin is portrayed as enjoying a picnic while a battle is taking place for spectators to look at his fellow Sternritter members in action.


Uryu Ishida: The quincy that Bleach fans are familiar with is Ury Ishida. His most significant modification may have been after he joined the Sternritter, although he underwent many other modifications throughout the series.


Lille Barro: Lille Barro, despite his eye always being shut, is a talented marksman. His name is "The XAxis, " and he has the ability to hit anything in his line of sight with pinpoint accuracy.


Gerard Valkyrie: Gerard joined Captain Yhwach's Schutzstaffel after becoming the soul of the Soul King in the anime Bleach. Throughout Gerard's physical prowess, which enables him to simultaneously withstand three captain-level shinigami, this action is his most impressive.


Jugram Haschwalth: After Yhwach, Haschwalth is the director of the Quincy. He acts as his mentor and is sometimes also known as the Sternritter Grand Master. He was given the title and influence of "The Balance".


Yhwach: Yhwach has been around for more than a thousand hundred years and is often referred to as the Father of Quincy. He's a very strong being who defeated Ichib Hysube and Yamamoto Genryusai, two of the most influential people in the afterlife.