Top 7 Facts About Richard Gere

Richard Tiffany Gere is an American Actor Was born in Philadelphia on August 31,1949. His father, George Gere was an insurance agent of NMIC and his mother Doris Ann was a housewife.


Apart from the films,he is an advocate for human rights of Tibetan people. He visited Dharamshala a number of times. He is permanently prohibited from entering into china because of the support he given in the Tibetan independence movement.


Gere had dated with many girls and he married thrice in his lifetime. He has two children.


He starred in many romantic films; he started acting in films from 1970. His major acting role was given in Original London Stage Version of Grease in 1973.


He is the first famous actor to play the homosexual characters in Hollywood.


He got numerous awards and won Golden Globe Award in 2002.


He is well-known for his philanthropy work also. His net worth is around 120 Million according to sources.