Top 5 Popular Korean Movies you must watch

In this century, Korean films got much craze because of the action, thriller and horror subjects.

Some of the Korean movies that got more popularity based on different themes of subjects are listed.

PARASITE:  South Korean black comedy thriller movie released in 2019, telling us the how present society discriminating the existing division of classes. The Rich Park family gives support and solace to the poor Kim family. They develop a Correlative relationship that finally ends in disaster.


MEMORIES OF MURDER: It is a crime thriller based subject which is based on real killing incidents. The story revolves around the detectives, cops and killers to find the serial killer who physically abused the young girls over the years.


THE HANDMAIDEN: It is a psychological thriller movie which focuses on a rich Japanese woman and her ride to liberty. She hires a handmaiden, who works hand in hand with a con man to bilk her out of her wealth.


JOINT SECURITY AREA: This is one of highest money accumulated movies in the history of South Korea. This story is based on a pungent military drama which revolves around dead soldiers from North and South Korea.


TRAIN TO BUSAN: This movie is filled with horror, zombie and action based characters. The journey to Busan, becomes a nightmare to all the passengers and gets affected by the Zombies. But all the passengers were trying to save their family members from that flesh craving zombies.