"Top 10 twisted anime characters that you won't want to miss!"

10.Raiga: who is Naruto, features a number of wicked shinobi. But Raiga has solidified himself as the most notorious asshole. Raiga, grew absolutely demented because he liked roasting and ravaging innocent victims.


9. Hisoka: While animes have rather twisted themes and plots, Pedophilia is among the more twisted topics. That is why Hisoka is one of the most twisted anime characters.


8. Seiryu: Seiryu has a bad sense of justice. She thinks that all revolutionary military members are criminals. She murders captives instead of interrogating them, and has made a number of modifications to her body to punish them.


7. Lucy Kaede: Elfen Lied's main character has three personalities, the worst and most dangerous of which is Lucy. Without remorse, Lucy once killed entire families to try to take their properties.


6. Keyaru: Keyaru was troubled and frightened due to the crowds he idolized. Keyaru reveled in cutting each of the heroes' fingers so they could mend them and start over.


5. Yuno: Yuno may be the most beautiful and sweetest girlfriend a person could have except for the fact that she is a madwoman. She follows Yukiteru around and kills anyone attempting to separate them.


4. Doma: The realization that Doma has been clinically apathetic his whole life led to the determination that Doma is the twisted devil of the 12 Kizuki. Doma is emotionally insensible.


3.Light Yagami: Light's intelligence explains his high IQ and amazing wisdom, making him a scary character.


2. Shou Tucker : Shou Tucker is a narcissist who has limited concern for other people's well being. He lied to everyone by maintaining a nice and friendly persona while harboring deceitful agendas. Mr. Tucker has spent many years preoccupied with his experiments.


1. Johan Liebert: He was the most psychopathic person due to his carefully created persona, who thought he was perfect and out of this world.