These 5 Netflix Comedy Specials are Perfect For A Happy Thanksgiving

1. Jerry Seinfeld: ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’ : Jerry Seinfeld is one of the world's best, and with his very first comedy special in decades Jerry takes a look at his earlier material and delivers it in a Seinfeld-style at one of the NYC clubs where he began his comic career, The Comic Strip.

1. Nate Bargatze: ‘The Standups’ : Nate Bargatze is the funniest stand-up comedian this Thanksgiving. The Standups is a highly recommended exhibition of stand-up comedians chosen exclusively by Netflix. The real-time virality of Bargatze's jokes is the reason you should see him before anyone else.

Trevor Noah: ‘Son Of Patricia’: If you are given a bonus in order to gain brownie points from your mother on Thanksgiving Day, then feel free to put on a comedy special featuring tender emotions, laughs, and total joy for your mother. Showcases like these can be quite proud of your mother, and the enjoyment levels will soon rub off on you.

Ryan Hamilton: ‘Happy Face’: There s a reason Jerry Seinfeld has employed Ryan Hamilton as his opener for some time now, not least because he commands an audience, but also due to how well Hamilton has executed his material that is not only relatable but also makes folks of any age laugh. Ideal for spending time together with the older generation.

John Mulaney: ‘The Comeback Kid’ : John Mulaney's joke writing is so exceptional, you'll be laughing with uncle for over an hour. Mulaney's cutesy appearance and droll style will seem stable, but as soon as he modifies his material to present religion, no one will care because everyone will be laughing in no time.