The Top 5 Most Brilliant Oscars Hosts

The glamour and glitz of the Academy Awards is nothing new, but what makes these ceremonies so special is the amazing hosts.

This year's nominees include some of the brightest names in show business, including Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and Dave Chappelle. With such a wealth of talent on hand, it's no wonder these three comedians were able to pack in an incredible night.

1. Billy Crystal: The 'Soap' actor has hosted nine Academy Awards. The comedian certainly views his dexterity while horseback riding on stage in the 1991 Oscars to help promote his movie, City Slickers.


2. Bob Hope: The comedian was the unsociable host of the Oscars for many years, hosting and co-hosting the whole thing 19 times. His hosting skills were eventually crowned with subtle yet concluding one liners. In 1996, Jack Lemmon presented him with a medallion for hosting the Awards for over two decades.


3. Whoopi Goldberg: In fact, not only was she not only the first woman but also the first African-American to host the Grammys. As the awards host four more times, she's been a creative fashion consultant. Since her introduction in 1999, she's performed in elaborate costumes believed to be Queen Elizabeth I.


4. Steve Martin: The comedian-musician has hosted the Oscar awards three times. As a host, I noticed him at ease and cool as he edified the audience with witty humor.


5. Ellen DeGeneres: The host of the Oscars hosted the show twice. In 2014 she was showcasing her abilities, which led to many of Hollywood's stars taking a funny selfie.