The top 10 Thanksgiving traditions for your family

1. Watch the Parade: One of the most well-known Thanksgiving traditions in the United States has to be watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on television every year. In the 1920s, the parade began, as America's second-oldest parade. Find a way to enjoy this event with your family in a cheerful, cozy setting.

2. A Big Turkey Meal: When you see Thanksgiving dinner, the first thing that comes to mind is a large platter full of food with a turkey set on top. Turkey symbolizes Thanksgiving because big families gather to eat delicious food together.

3. Throw Ball: You can make your Thanksgiving more festive by playing football with your family and your friends. Recreate the spirit of Monica and Ross from buddies to make your Thanksgiving more fun and memorable.

4. Do A Movie Marathon: If you'd like something other than sports to occupy your time this Thanksgiving, why not create a movie list with the most popular classics such as Sweet November, Friendsgiving, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Planes, Trains and Automobiles?

5. Watch A Game: Another youth-related career, watching the match with your family. Share the magic of holidays with your family by spending time with them, cheering and booing over a game. Easy, uncomplicated but nevertheless accepted as a treasure.

6. Be Thankful: The name of this vacation implies that the trip's objective is to recall all the happy memories and people encountered. While dining at the table, great conversation can be engendered by sharing with your family and friends what your all grateful for.

7. Do Volunteer Work: As gratitude is a big part of Thanksgiving, you can take part in volunteer activities. Child adoption, boiler room offerings, and sending aid to organizations that help less fortunate people are good alternatives to consider. Life is not complete until you share it with others.

8. Break The Wishbone: Have another friend or sibling pick the same individual that you are possessing hope with and share a bone. Whoever gets most of the bone will be the one to have their wish come true!

9. Take A Walk: We know Thanksgiving dinners tend to pack on the pounds. So try to give your body some rest by taking a stroll with a loved one or even by yourself with your thoughts. Refreshing air and a light workout might put you in a peaceful holiday mood.

10. Remember Turkey Day: Like Charles Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, please remind your family of the roots of Thanksgiving, its origins from the original English celebration that began as a time to be thankful for a prosperous harvest. And perhaps say gobble-gobble once.