"The Top 10 most powerful chainsaw-wielding characters in movies and TV"

10) Beam Along with the bat devil: One of Beam's special abilities is transforming into a species of animal. He isn't very potent, but his abilities usually help.


9) Reze: Reze is a god of explosions. She is not a strong fighter, but she is much more than a devil. She defeated Subkuma in one story of a manga, and it was a lengthy fight.


8) Power: She is the main character of the series. She has collected a tremendous amount of blood over the years, which she uses in new weapons. Her favorite weapon is a big hammer, but she can also summon many others.


7) Aki Hayakawa: Aki despises all devils, but despite his hatred, he has contracts with many devils to help him fight. Ak is a masterful swordsman, and he can call upon devils for his aid. He can summon the curse devil and destroy anyone by paying a hefty price.


6) Katana Man: Katana man seems to be the alter ego of Denji with just one Katana coming out of his head and somewhat different swords on his arms. Katana man prefers to slash his opponents instead of chainsawing them instantly. In rapid-fire battles, Katana Man is too difficult to defeat.


5) Denji: Our protagonist, Denji, is a villain and Pochita, a chainsaw devil joined with him. In Denji's demon form, he has three chainsaws on his body and can heal himself by drinking blood. The combination of these attributes makes him a fearsome opponent.


4) Kishibe: Kishibe is an experienced ghost hunter who is considered one of the best in the field. Kishibe is expert in handling ghosts and compiled contracts with them including claw, needle, and knife ghosts.


3) Quanxi: Quanxi is a Chinese synthetic-woman and a terrifying rival for anyone ever seen by the devil Simi. She's just as strong as Kishibe, a professional devil hunter. She possesses extreme speed, strength, and durability and has unnaturally fast reflexes.


2) Santa Claus: The primary opponent of the Santa Claus arc was a mysterious character known as Santa Claus, and it took Denji and his acolytes and adversaries some time to figure out who they were up against. Santa Claus has deals with a couple of devils, one of which allows him to turn people into dolls.


1) Makima: Makima is very quiet and polite, and is perceived as a mysterious and threatening person. She always puts on a dangerous position, in addition to being super strong and empowering, to the point that people are willing to obey her just because of her beauty.