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The White Lotus has extended an invitation for us to stay for an additional season, this time at an Italian beach resort but don't worry: Wealthy people go there, too.

Seasons 2 of The White Lotus have been announced to stream this weekend at 9 p.m. exclusively on HBO and HBO Max.

In Season 1, Tanya was mourning the loss of her mother and struggling with grief in Hawaii. This time, viewers will see Tanya in a new light, but they have the full capability of her energy.

Jon Gries , who appeared on the show as Tanya's love interest, Greg, returns for Season 2. His return will be more surprising to the audience, as, at the end of Season 1, Greg appeared to be dying from a mysterious illness.

Greg and the extravagantly spoiled Tanya were in an instantaneous and intimate love at the White Lotus Resort in Hawaii across the first season of Last Resort and then, in Season 2, they were married.

Coolidge said, "I believe that Coolidge had his close call and elucidation a bit after he testified before Congress. It's a lot, but he's recovered—he's feeling overwhelmed in his work.

She teased: "You believe that they are only in love with you but sometimes personalities are complex and, of course, they can be many things."