The Most Heartbreaking Deaths on "Grey's Anatomy"

This article is about the various deaths that have occurred on the popular television show "Grey's Anatomy". The show, which is now in its fifteenth season, has had a number of characters die over the years.

Some of these deaths were due to natural causes, while others were the result of accidents or violence. Regardless of the cause, each death has had a significant impact on the show's plot and on the characters who have been left behind.

Grey's Anatomy' had killed off our most loved characters, but nothing left us brokenhearted as much as saying goodbye to Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy.

Meredith Grey's younger half-sister Dr. Lexie Grey charmed everyone with her kind disposition and beautiful smile. But tragedy struck, claiming her young life.

Another popular character who perished on account of the deadly plane crash was Dr. Mark Sloan aka McSteamy. Thus, we got a new name: Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Dr. George W. O'Malley, the sweetest man on Earth, joined the army to pursue a career as a trauma surgeon. He had a heroic death of which he saved the life of another man by giving his own life.

Dr. Andrew DeLuca, who brought love into Meredith Grey's life later in life, was killed for his efforts to bring a sex tracker to justice.