The Crown Season 5: Secrets and Lies Excites Fans

The crown season 5 is premiering on Sunday, Nov. 12th at 9pm EST and promises to be one of the most exciting seasons yet! With so many new exciting characters and storylines, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

So what are you waiting for? Start tuning in to Crown on Sundays at 9pm EST!

The Crown has been criticized for presenting fiction as if it were a factual account. The popularity of the Netflix series depicting modern British royalty is enhanced by its dramatic depictions of royal life.

Wednesday mark the commencement of Season 5, and it was met with controversy.

Sir John Major criticized a satirical film purporting to show him and then Prince Charles (by Dominic West) attempting to implement the scheme to discredit his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, while he was in office. Judi Dench, a lauded actress, penned a letter to The Times denouncing Netflix.

No one believes more in supporting artistic inlet than I do, but this can’t go unchecked, Dench wrote. Despite having made a firm statement this week that The Crown has always been an agreed-upon drama, the production team has insisted on refusing to attach a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode.

The series does feature some untruthful history - even if it does have the tendency to spice things up here and there.