"The Best Thanksgiving Movies of All Time – Sort By Grosseria"

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002): Toula, unmarried at 30, is where everyone is focused. She initially worked at the Greek restaurant of her family's and then transferred to a travel agency owned and operated by her aunt. There, she meets Ian Miller, a handsome teacher. But she is uncertain if her father would be happy if Ian is a foreigner and vegetarian.

Friendsgiving (2020): Two friends decide to take a quiet holiday this year. However, it is quite unexpected that there will be more people joining the meal. Thus the hosts, Molly and Abbey, host a comical and chaotic meal. The movie is light and good for a laugh.

Planes, Trains & Automobile (1987): The marketing executive portrayed by Steven Martin wants to return to his house in New York for Thanksgiving. But if fate intervenes, uptight Steven Martin will have to vacation with someone different. Chris Harrington, chipper and funny ring salesman, becomes Steven Martin's three-day travel partner.

The Big Chill (1983): Based on the classic film The Group, this film sees a group of people reuniting after many years. They reacquaint themselves in the wake of their friend's funeral. This old friend died by suicide, but in contrast to the serious mood created by this event, 'The Big Chill' imparts a cheerful optimism to the relationship.

You've Got Mail (1998): A romantic comedy that takes place in the colder months revolves around a love story between two Upper West Side New Yorkers. They began chatting online and fell in love over time. The film is fun to watch, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as the lead roles.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1993): Peppermint Patty infiltrates Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Holiday, along with her friends. It's quite fun to watch with your loved ones.

One True Thing (1998): Ellen returns to New York to take care of her mother, who is diagnosed with cancer. Ellen, played by Meryl Streep, is thought to be an underappreciated matriarch of her family. But as Ellen returns, she understands more about the rest of her family and how much the mother suffered.

Scent Of A Woman (1992): This is a story of an unusual friendship between a prep-high school student and a former U.S. Army lieutenant. The roles were played by Chris O'Donnell and Al Pacino respectively. This movie earned Al Pacino his first Academy Awards for Best Actor.

Fantastic Mr.Fox (2009): Mr. Fox breaks his promise to his wife and raids the farms of the human neighbor who promised to protect him. This threatens not only his family but also his friend and his family's pet companions. Mr. Fox must rely on his intuition and lead through the crisis.

Addams Family Values (1993): The movie revolves around the new nanny Debbie who is planning to marry Uncle Fester in order to kill him for his wealth. Wednesday and Pugsley who recognize something distinct. So they will depart to a summer camp where they have a completely bonkers musical presentation.