The 5 Best Thanksgiving Day Games to Play.

Face The Pie: You will need gummy ABC letters, pie tins, and spray whipped cream or real. Prior to the party, show your guests your collection of gummy letters that represent each letter in P-I-E on page. Stick each alphabetic letter on one of the pie tins, and fill each one with whipped cream in the shape of a cupcake. Store them in the refrigerator before you make all of the words.

Players have to eat their way through the pies to find the letters hidden inside them that award them points they can later use to spell a Thanksgiving-themed spelling word. They must take each pie they found into their discarded pie tin until they managed to form the word you requested. To ensure an even playing field, ensure that every player gets an extra pie tin to toss their hidden letters into once they find them.

The May flower: You'll need a large aquarium, corks, fake flowers and straws. Fill a tall storage container with water. Provide each guest a fake flower with a small cork tied to it. Use the cork to blow on the plant until it reaches the other end, winning the award.They can either blow on it themselves or via a plastic straw. First cork-covered boat to touch the other end.

Feather Float: Buy just very few light feathers or buy just tissue paper. Give each player a fake feather. To play, players have to blow the feather in the air and maintain it floating in the air for as long as possible. In individual style games, they have to keep it up for a minute. In team or head to head play, whoever holds it in the air the longest.

Football Flick: You need some paper footballs or mini footballs, buckets and pots, masking tape and markers to add scores. Give each player paper footballs or mini footballs and line up a bunch of buckets or baskets at varying length. Tape a number to each of the buckets– The farthest one should be 3 points, the middle should be 7 points, and the closest should be one point.

Players have one minute to put (gather) footballs in (in buckets) to score as many points as possible in the minute. Or have teams play simultaneously by using a different colored ball, and see who gets to 21 points first.In case it's too difficult for them to create a football fit into the bucket, seek out the person who can do it first.

Dumbcharades: Nothing will go wrong for this classic game for today's Thanksgiving holiday. Divide into as many teams as you desire. 1 person from another team can give a word for a person after the other side of the table to do for their team. The person should take on the mime the word to his teammates, and the teammates will need to know what it is. Cool!