Teens show off amazing creativity on Instagram

Billie Eilish apparently wore a Halloween costume of an old man and a baby to cover criticizing the 11-year age disparity between her and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford.

Billie shared a Halloween party-themed slideshow of images and videos to her Instagram and captioned it, life is wild [clown emoji]! Happy Halloween!

Nobody likes her final slide. Billie, who is 20, is photobombing her friends dressed in Halloween costumes, and Rutherford, who is 31, is dressed as an old man.

Some fans are requesting Billie to remove the image, while others commend her for standing firm in her decisions to those critics.

Despite the 11-year age difference between the two, fans of Billie Eilish object to the new relationship with The Neighborhood singer.

A number of critics have claimed that Billie's Image became noticeable as soon as she was 15.

Fans consider Billie to be teasing new tracks, as her slideshow showed an unexpected video of her listening to an unknown song in the studio.