Stars who played the character Mountain In GOT

A Song of Ice and Fire is a fantasy series based on a Novel written by American Novelist and writer George R.R.Martin.

He named this series first volume as Game Of Thrones and this series got two awards like Locus Award and World Fantasy Award.

“The Mountain” is the fictional character from the series A Song of Ice and Fire of a novel and Game of Thrones Television Series.

George Clegane is the nickname of this fictional character “Mountain”. This character is very cruel by nature and much Powerful by size and strength.

This character was portrayed as very powerful not only because of his strength and the actors who played this character. In the first season Conan Stevens played this character who is an Australian Actor and a Professional Wrestler too.

Later Ian Whyte played this role in the second season who is a Welsh actor, Stuntman and a Basketball player by profession.

After that this character is taken over by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is an Strong actor from Icelandic and continued to the last season. In real life he is also referred as “Thor” because of his massive size and strength.