"Shigaraki's hands: a mystery solved.

The main antagonists of the manga and anime series My Hero Academia are Tomura Shigaraki, also known as Tenko Shimura.

The leader of League of Villains is the individual organized Villains Take Over the World. He has deep-seated hostility toward Hero because of his past that was so tragic, and his desire to conquer the social hierarchy. He has a homey villain backstory.

Tenko's family members' hands belonged to his maternal grandmother, his maternal mother, his father, his sister Hana, and his grandparents, all of whom he strangled with his peculiarity when he first manifested it.

Afterwards, All For One would add another pair of hands to the first and second thugs who killed Tenko to complete Tomura Shigaraki's Transformation.

All For One made the hand attachments for Tenko to wear as reminders for remind him of the boy's itch for killing and destruction, and thus, to constantly remind him that the itch is what actually defines himself as "Tomura Shigaraki".

"I want you to treasure them, " All For One can be heard saying in voiceover as we follow Tomura's first kill. "So that those feelings don't recede. His family will hold him back... keep him in check... with his memories locked up, it's only his volatile emotions that become conscious. And that unease... Look at how totally he's holding his own quirk back."