Shaquille O'Neal slammed Kanye West for flexing his $400 million net worth.

Three of his corporate brands, Adidas, Balenciaga, and Gap, discontinued their relations with Kanye West after he began expressing unacceptance of Jewish people.

The NBA investigation into the antisemitism controversy is ongoing.

Kyrie Irving shared a link to a film about which triggered hatred for the Jewish people.

The Big-League megastar added that he appreciated all religious convictions, but he followed his convictions no matter what, regardless of the criticisms that he received.

The seven-time All-Star may be subject to a minimum five-game suspension, based on the latest report.

After watching Shaquille O'Neal's arrest, Irving decided to support the Nets player on Twitter by posting about Shaquille O'Neal in the conversation.

Shaq, a supporter of social justice rights, had no reservations about calling Irving an antisemite because of his antisemitic slurs.

This time around, however, it did not sit well with Todd, who thought that the Lakers icon had left the members of his neighborhood because of his relationship with Jamie Salter.

Shaq assured me that you do not know me like that. Worry about your business and to quote the once great Kanye West I have more money than you, so why would I listen to advise you to get your business in order. Have a good day, brother.