" Shaquille O Neal: Offered $10 Million To Become A Rappler, But He Wanted To

A majority of young boys probably see Shaquille O'Neal as a fantasy of what they want when they grow up.

The man was almost impervious to the opposing team when playing basketball in the NBA. He was likely the most successful player of his position at points per game.

Shaq then invested his money in the smartest way he could think of. The man now has a big $400 million net worth.

In spite of his many talents, he has one more that's not being given the proper recognition. In fact, given this skill, maybe he also forewent participating in a single NBA game.

Shaquille O'Neal loves to make people laugh and enjoys being the target of roasts. On the NBA's "Inside the NBA, " he will even put on an accent for such, isn't he ridiculous?

Shaq's primary objective as a rapper evidently required at least some assistance with his rhymes and flow. Having long been such luminaries in the business, it is clear who Shaq required external help.

Shaquille O'Neal was offered $10 million for three albums, right after he was drafted.

Shaquille O'Neal's decision making was inspired. The agreement was massive, considering three albums are a big deal, to begin with. The music needed to be written by someone who had never written about even one song.

Basketball is a simpler sport to enter if you have the incentive to be able to intimidate your opponents and dunk without even breaking a sweat.