Samantha Suffers From Most dreaded autoimmune disease: Myositis!

Samantha on Saturday notified her followers and followers that she had been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition known as Myositis. She said that her doctors felt confident that she would soon make a full recovery.

Samantha's response to the Yashodha trailer in the comments on Instagram was remarkable.

It is this love and support that she shared with us all that brings her the resolve to crush the obstacles that life throws at her constantly.

A couple of weeks back I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder named Myositis. I was hoping to share the news after it had reached remission, but it is taking a bit longer than I expected.

I feel that we need to show ourselves to be simply human sometimes. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that this may be difficult for me.

Doctors are hopeful I will fully recover soon. I have had good days and bad days physically and emotionally.

Even when it seems as if I can t handle another day like this, somehow that moment passes. I guess it just means that I am one step closer to recovery. I love you, TOO SHALL PASS,like she tweeted to her fans.