"Sailor Moon vs Goku: Who would win if they fought?"

When it comes to anime and manga, there are few others that come to mind as much as Sailor Moon and Goku.

They have both had their share of fan favorites, with fanservice and humor being an integral part of their fanbase. In the recent anime series, Dragon Ball Super, Goku has had a new adversary in the form of Maxie Potts.

Sailor Moon is a popular anime series that began airing in 1985. The anime follows the adventures of a group of girls named Sailor Moon, who try to save the world from evil aliens.

Goku is a popular manga and anime series that began airing in 1990. The manga follows the adventures of an Asian boy named Goku who tries to save Earth from evil aliens.

Raw strength/Training : Exactly as Goku did more training than Sailor Moon and he's a universe level threat without being in possession of any artifact, Sailor Moon was a greater threat to Goku.

Artifacts/Weapons: Sailor wins, Sailor Moon has many weapons and artifacts with her, and she wields them masterfully.

Sailor Moon definitively defeated Goku because Sailor Moon has a living, bodily existence, while Goku cannot destroy the very idea of living.