"Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Star in a spirit-filled drama."

Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, Octavia Spenser, and Sunita Mani star in a spirited musical comedy.

The theme of the movie, which is loosely based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, is based by Sean Andres's estate.

In 'A Christmas Carol,' three ghosts of Past, Present and Yet to Come shed tears in an Infernal Christmas Display, reenacting past regrets and unkempt joy to transform Scrooge's heart.

In the eccentric role, Ryan stars as Clint and Ferrell is the actor of the Ghost of Present. But this time they are reversed, and the results are absolutely ridiculous.

Present motivated to redeem Clint's soul ends up delving into his own prior life when he was alive. From the perspective of the ghost, e looked back.

This musical was released on November 11 and is being shown in selected movie theaters. Radio Times described it as "unruly but enjoyable," and the film may be streamed on Apple TV from November 18 onward.

Spirit-filled drama films offer a unique and unforgettable experience for audiences. The stories of these films can be based on true events or fabricated stories, but they always manage to retain a strong sense of reality.