Response To Angelina Jolie's Claim from Brad Pitt’s Lawyer

Angelina and Brad Pitt were married on August 14,2014 legally.

Because of the incredible differences, Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt. On April 12th,2019 they officially got separated.

Angelina Jolie had recently complained that her ex-husband Brad Pitt had choked one of their children and hit another one on a Private Jet in 2016.

Jolie tried to intervene, but he hard-pressed her onto the flight’s seat which injured her elbow and back.

The filing also states that Pitt poured wine on Jolie and another is that he poured beer and red wine on the children.

Anne Kiley,a divorce lawyer of Mr.Pitt, said that he won’t “possess anything he didn’t do.”“Brad has owned everything he’s responsible for from day one — unlike the other side”, she said

Kiley continued, “ He’s not going to be responsible for anything he didn’t do. He has in receipt of every type of personal attack and misrepresentation.