Reasons behind Carving Pumpkins On Halloween!!!

Halloween festival is generally celebrated on October 31 every year.

This festival is generally celebrated by Christians and non Christians from Europe and North America.

Halloween celebration is involved by Carving  pumpkins. Not only pumpkins people celebrate this festival by decorating their lawns, gardens, and households with carved vegetable shells.

Earlier days, there was a belief that evil spirits hide in the surroundings during the Halloween season. So people carved out the pumpkins as basic Halloween faces and placed them near the windows and doors.

These carved pumpkins were also placed alongside the roads. These turnip lightings were used to light the way for travelers and good spirits.

Irish immigrants brought this Halloween to the US. And here pumpkins became the main key for carving. This happens due to the ready availability and flexibility to work with the fresh fruit.

In the 1960s, John Howden developed the idea of carving pumpkins. These became the popular Halloween pumpkin, as they had shallow ribs and thin flesh.