"President Trump Applauds Elon Musk's Latest Business Venture"

Donald Trump, former president of the United States, was banned from social media platforms like Twitter in January 2021. His founding members were suspended because they partook in the January 6 riots near the U.S. Capitol.

He then applauded the entrepreneur Elon Musk for his $44 billion deal on his Twitter takeover on Truth Social. Truth Social is a social media site that Trump Media & Technology Group launched in 2022 after being ousted from major social media platforms.

Donald Trump had the honor of commanding the brand-new Twitter owner, Elon Musk, in a tweet on the social media platform's Truth Social post.

I am proud that Twitter can now be in the hands of men and is no longer run by radicals and lunatics who despise our country. Twitter must now work to rid itself of the bots and fake accounts that have caused it so much damage. It will be much smaller, but it will be better. I LOVE TRUTH!

In May, Devin Nunes, the founder of pro-Trump organization Trump Media & Technology Group, claimed that Trump encouraged Musk to acquire Twitter in order to take on these media giants.

Musk stated that that rumor was not true: I had no contact with Trump, who recently announced that his Twitter account would be exclusively on Truth Social.

Trump has made statements that he will not return to Twitter regardless of what organization set it up, on the record. I'd prefer not to join Twitter. that I'm damaging, Musk wrote in a statement to CNN in May of this year. On that note, Musk wrote an open letter to the media on Twitter at a past date.