Popular Mila Kunis Films

Mila Kunis is a Popular American Actress born on August 14,1983.

Kunis Started playing on Television shows at the age of 14. but she had a breakout through a film called Forgetting Sarah Marshall released in 2008. Her top 5 popular films are listed here.

Bad Moms (2016): This American Comedy film tells the story of three mothers who are overworked.one day decides to ditch their responsibilities and get their freedom. Mila plays a young mother of two in this film.

Oz The Great And Powerful(2013): This is the American Fantasy Adventure film which tells the story of a  small magician who later turned into a Wizard of Oz.  In this Mila plays as the witch Theodara, who brings out the worst in the anti-hero.

Friend With Benefits(2011): It is an American Romantic Comedy film where Mila plays Jamie, who employs Dylan Harper for her magazine as an editor. They both believe that adding sex to the relationship will not lead complication but over the time the both developed feelings for each other.

Black Swan(2011): This is a  psycho horror drama which revolves around the rivalry between the two dancers. White swan role is played by Natalie Portman and   Kunis is played as Black Swan.

The Book Of Eli (2010) : This is a post-apocalyptic Action drama, Denzel Washington's character is on a mission to rescue a book which carries the key to mankind in a destroyed America full of man-eaters and killers.