Popular films Based On Mental Health of humans

Many movies are released based on mental illness and addiction from the decades.

Top 5 popular movies which explains different mental illnesses of human are listed

Inside Out (2015): This is a general mental illness based movie. The film tells the story of Riley , a 11-year old Midwestern girl who moves out to a new city called San Francisco and how her inner emotions and actions administer her thoughts.  The director Pete Docter and the producer Pixar were beautifully shown the relation between emotions and actions through this film.


Good Will Hunting (1997): This psychological drama which depicts the theme of abused children and the acceptance of past distress. Will Hunting is a born genius, who is having a mental illness like attachment disorder. The story tells how Will's past puts at risk his present.


Ben Is Back(2018):This is a story of mental illness called Addiction which is also caused by other mental health challenges. How the family saved their loved one, Ben from his drug addiction is the storyline of this film.


Silver Linings Playbook (2012): This is a romantic comedy drama which tells the story of Pat, who is diagnosed as a bipolar disorder person, and how he tried to win his ex-wife after his treatment from hospital. However, fate guides him to meet Hillary and how their relationship gets started is the end of the story.


Girl, Interrupted (1999): This psychological drama takes us inside to the American psychiatric hospital. Susana is a young woman gets admitted into a psychiatric hospital for attempting suicide. After spending 18 months at the hospital she understands herself better with the interaction of other patients.