"Phil Jackson: America's Master Coach"

Phil Jackson, also known as Zen Master, won 11 NCAA championships during a Hall of Fame-level coaching career.

As the Lakers' coach, Jackson teamed up with Kobe to help Kobe build one of the greatest basketball careers of all-time.

During a recent interview, former Laker Mark Madsen revealed a story about Phil Jackson yelling at Kobe Bryant for being late.

As soon as the clock ticked past ten, Philip instructed the bus driver: Go! Go away! Leave him! Clear him!

Yeah, because Phil held everyone accountable. Whether it was me, Kobe, or Shaq, Phil would hold you accountable.

Madsen added: The bus departs slowly. You think Kobe headed out to the bus? No, he did not run out.

Everyone else began to rush toward the bus and started pounding on the door. Kobe kept walking in place.

The bus driver experienced cold feet. He stopped more than 20 yards away. Phil was yelling at the bus driver, and then the bus driver halted because Kobe was in sight.

Kobe walks in. Phil began to yell at Kobe. Kobe walked away from the battle, at peace as could be.