"Nets owner condemns Kyrie Irving for hate tweet"

Brooklyn Nets owner aden responds to Kyrie Irving's condemnation of Saturday Night Live's commentary on Israeli controversy through a tweet.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving took to Twitter on Saturday, praising nothing he did. His comments contradicted those of the head of his team, David Blitzer.

I'm disappointed with my fiancée's decision to produce an update based on the anti Semitic information of a fictional work, Nets owner Joe Tsai wrote on a Twitter board last night.

I'm going to emphasize that this goes against everything that I stand for the most as a man of faith.

The Brooklyn Nets strongly denounce and have no tolerance for the promotion of any hate speech, the team stated in a letter to CNN.

Before the Celtics' game on Saturday, Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash said that he was aware of comments made by Kyrie Irving concerning the rift.

The organization has addressed Irving on this issue, Nash said. We see ourselves in the values of inclusiveness, equality, and condemning hate speech, certainly it did.