Michael Phelps Snubs Reporter During Press Conference

Michael Phelps, a famous former athlete of Baltimore, is a 23-time Olympic gold medalist. Naturally, he's a Ravens fan. In 2016, Phelps further propagated his iconic fandom when he showed everyone a unique approach.

Whether a person is a fan of sports, this can create a stir. Phelps made another huge aquatic wave in 2016 when he rejected the journalist's demand for using equipment of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Phelps requested the journalist. Stay tuned, "there goes some Baltimore Ravens (gear) ," he said, and then turned away from the reporter.

I think we're always going to defeat Pittsburgh. That's something I've already determined. Another cool thing is we go at each other really hard, and as much as I'm not a Steelers fan, the matches are always really exciting.

Michael Phelps is delighted about the way the Ravens' football season has gone so far.

The team won five out of eight games. The biggest scalp of all was the game week eight win over (while) under the leadership of Tom Brady.

The Ravens' recent victory brought the team to the top of the AFC North table. This will please Phelps even more since the Steelers have the weakest record in the league with just two victories from a possible seven.