Megyn Kelly Slammed Meghan Markle For Calling Prince Harry My Husband. What is wrong with her?

Megyn Kelly, an American journalist and Sky News Australia contributor attacked Meghan Markle in her podcast. Kelly desires the Suits actress to stop referring to Prince Harry as my husband on her podcast Archetypes.

Kelly insulted Meghan as a commoner during her SiriusXM podcast last week and grew annoyed at her reminders on her own podcast that she was married to the British royal family.

They probably can't contain their appetite for criticizing the royals whom they owe all their fame and literally almost all their wealth, Kelly said of the duchess and her husband.

Kelly mentioned that Meghan Markle, the prince's fiancée, has a lower than 22 approval rating in the United Kingdom.

Kelly also claimed that Meghan is a lying con artist for claiming that she had not done any investigating of the Royal Family before marrying Harry.

Kelly then pointed out that during a recent episode of Markle's Archetypes podcast, she referred to Prince Harry as my boyfriend when she was discussing him helping her get the children out of bed in the morning.  I get it. You bagged the gorilla, Kelly said with reference to Meghan Markle marrying the British royal. Congratulations! You got the big bear, Kelly added. We want you to know.

Within minutes, Kelly's tweets against Meghan went viral and Twitter blew up with disgust against the hypocritical statements made by Kelly. Many twitter users tweeted that Kelly was jealous. Another tweet accused Megyn Kelly of being a Karen.