Marvel's Black Knight: A Mysterious Figure

Fans got a slight glimpse of Black Knight represented in 2021 by Kit Harington, a bunch of the fame of Game of Thrones.

One of the post-credit scenes in Eternals shows Kit squirming nervously as he approaches a huge wooden box. Inside it are works like paintings and engravings. When Dane opens the case, he sees the Latin phrase scratched on the wood inside.

"Mors Mini Lucrum" literally means "Death is my reward." We see the Ebony Sword wrapped in linen and as Dane hovers his hand over the sword we see that the sword is reaching toward Whitman.

At the end of the recording, Marvel confirmed that Kit would return as Black Knight in the Blade movie, with Academy Award winner Marheshala Ali.

Who Is Black Knight? The title Black Knight has been passed down from generations and the eponymous cursed sword, Ebony Blade. The first Black Knight was Sir Percy Blade from King Arthur's timeline. The second Black Knight was Nathan Garrett, descendant of Sir Percy.

And now the Black Knight will endeavor to amaze us is Nate's nephew, Dane Whitman. In the comic series, Dane has been teamed with many of superhero teams for several years. He has played out alongside the Avengers, Defenders, Ultraforce, Heros for Hire, and MI-13.

Will Black Knight Become A Villain? In the comics, the king says, "The Ebony Sword is cursed. If the sword were to shed blood, the sanity of the ruler would be ruined with each strike." After King Dane uses the Ebony Sword, the ruler might break down mentally.

Unfortunately, the movie premiere, in which Black Knight was supposed to make his debut, Blade, has been postponed from November 3, 2023, to September 6, 2024.