"Mariana Carey Receives Millions In Royalty Over Christmas!"

Mariana Carey, better known by her stage name Mariana, has been receiving millions of dollars in royalty over the past few years. The singer, songwriter and actress was born in Margarita Island, Puerto Rico and now lives in London, England.

Mariah Carey made the Christmas season much more merry when she released the song "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

The song received three Guinness World Records. It holds the distinction of having spent the most weeks in the UK singles chart for the Christmas song.

All I Want For Christmas Is You' is the top downloaded holiday song of all time, and it is the top charting holiday song on the chart by a solo artist.

Walter Fanasie gave the story of how Marilyn and her ex-husband Tommy Mottola wanted to bring back the sixties, old rock 'n' roll Christmas spirit.

Carey wrote the song for her love for Christmas. The inspiration for the R&B and gospel undertone came from her being a radio fan. During the studio session, Mariah sang "I don't want a lot for Christmas." Walter played a blues & rock 'n' roll, which resulted in the song.

The artist now earns $3 million per year for the song. So, since that time, she has earned $72 million from the song.