Maitland Ward opens up about why she left Hollywood

The adult actress, 45 years old, who is best known for her role as Rachel McGuire on the television series Boy Meets World.

I was completely aware that Hollywood was not the right place for me, but had a desire to go. I couldn't stop thinking about various ways that I might be able to start again.

Maitland Ward recalled during an interview for the promotion of her book biography Rated X: Liberated Me From Hollywood that she is not the type of person to give up easily.

Following your interview, your team thought you were the ideal person for the promotional position. It was based on your reputation in general and the way that you appear to others.

Regardless of how you progress, if you don't make any changes, you are not going to have any success. Whatever quality earned your fame will also be the thing that keeps that fame from being harnessed in anything else.

Many actors are likely to encounter this problem, particularly those in a popular program that would have aired during prime time.

It can be challenging to avoid having an audience of one, said Maitland. On the role of actor, I had a long list of goals and aspirations.

Maitland revealed the amount of money she earns with Only Fans in an earlier interview.

Maitland Ward is a popular actress who has been active in the adult industry, as well as in modeling and television acting.