Logan Paul Impresses With Performance At Crown Jewel

In a long-awaited match, Logan Paul finally faced off against Roman Reigns for the undisputed world championship.

The two had been trash-talking each other for months, and the build-up to the match was intense. Paul came out swinging, but Reigns quickly took control and dominated the match. In the end, Reigns was declared the winner, and Paul was left lying in the ring, defeated

In spite of losing the match, he fulfilled his promise to entertain the audience and give a delightful performance.

The Maverick appearing on stage displayed some energizing kicks and enthusiasts are here to reward the young wrestler.

He also made some funny moments during the Crown Jewel 2022.

Several well-known actors and fans took to social media to praise him.

A number of people showered him compliments saying he was a great wrestler and also he stood tall in front of the Tribal Chief.

The match was so exhilarating they called it a "Bargian." They also say that Logan Paul belongs in the wrestling world.