List of Top 5 Most Powerful Iron Man Suits

Iron man suit is also a Fictional character taken from marvel comics.

The First Iron man film was released in the year of 2008, there are almost 90 different armor suits for Iron man.

Extrembiote Armor: During ‘King In The Black’ incident, Tony Stark used Extremis virus to shatter a Symbiote dragon from Knull’s control and combined it with his suit.


Celestial Hulkbuster Armor: Designed from a Celestial's Corpse, Tony shaped this when he had to interfere in Thor and Hulk’s battle during the ‘Banner of War’ storyline.


Thorbuster Armor: Stark created this armor as a safety measure and it is similar  to the Destroyer armor and used it as a confrontation with Thor.


Godkiller Armor MK II: It is created by Matteo Scalera with the help of Gillen and is used to fight with the Celestials. Later Tony prepared his own version of godkiller called Godkiller Armor MK II.


Godbuster Armor: This suit has ultimate capabilities and it is a masterpiece armor. Stark destroyed this suit only after single use.